Quite a while ago I saw a program on Channel 4 about a guy who supported the BNP (British National Party).  I found some of his views on race to be quite distasteful but also they were based on false assumptions.

I was reminded of this program in the past few days.  I was in a KFC at lunchtime waiting in a queue to be served when my attention was drawn to a group of four men sat at one of the tables who were talking very loudly.  It became obvious that they shared many of the views of the man in the Channel 4 documentary.

The man in the documentary said that true British blood should not be tainted by being mixed with the blood of other races, he likened it to a glass of water which is pure and clear, he said that once you mix in just a single drop of black ink then all the water in the glass is now tainted and can never be pure again however much pure water you mix it with and however dilute the ink becomes the taint is still there.  He said that this is the reason that pure British people should only interbreed with other pure British people.

What a load of utter drivel!

For the moment let us take this notion seriously and ask ourselves if there is a true English bloodline and where does it come from?

Perhaps they mean the Gaelic peoples who were the first people of Britain, but they came from France.  The human race started off in the rift valley of Africa and spread out from there.  France got humans before Britain but during one of the ice ages the sea level lowered enough so that there was a land bridge between France and Britain.  The first people in Britain walked here from France.

Later on our shores were visited by Vikings from Scandinavia.  They didn’t just rape and pillage some of them settled down here.  So there is a strong Viking heritage mixed with the Gaelic especially in Scotland and the north east of England.

Then came the Romans.  They ruled Britain for hundreds of years.  The Roman empire was a melting pot of ethnicities.  A Roman legionnaire could come from almost anywhere in Europe, the middle east or North Africa.  A lot of the Romans settled here and stayed and their genetic heritage was mixed with the local genes.

By about 400 A.D. the Roman empire was in decline and the outpost in Britain had lost contact with Rome, the legions had been withdrawn and replaced with a local malitia.  Around this time there were a series of invasions from Germany.  By about 500 A.D. Roman rule in Britain had collapsed.

The term Anglo-Saxon which a lot of people regard as being the epitome of Britishness actually comes from these invaders.  The Angles from Angeln in Germany and the Saxons from Saxony in Germany, there were also the Jutes from Jutland in Denmark.  The word England actually derives from Aengla land (land of the Angles) and a lot of the symbols and words used to define Britishness come from this time and actually originate from Germany.

Or perhaps they are talking about our blue blooded English heritage which comes from the Norman conquest, from Normandy in France.  The Normans were not originally from France but were Vikings who had conquered the place they renamed Normandy and settled there hundreds of years earlier.  Their name gradually changed from Norsemen to Normans.

Although the two gene pools are well and truly mixed there is still the notion that the true blue blooded British aristocracy originates from the Norman heritage whilst the ordinary common persons heritage is Anglo-Saxon.

So the true British bloodline if it exists at all is either French or German depending on whether you are upper or lower class, or perhaps it is Gaelic (French) or Viking (Scandinavian) or a mix of all of these with a lot of other stuff in there as well.

Actually there is no true British bloodline, we are all foreigners and we are all mixed.

Racism is a stupid concept, the idea that one race is inherently superior to another is basically flawed.  There is only one race on the earth, the Human race.

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