The West is Always Right: Hypocrisy in the Ukrainian Conflict

Dean Richards

Something very special happened this week: finally, after all those years of people supporting war for the sake of “democracy”, the Western world has changed its mind and decided that war is wrong. It took a while, but to some extent, this change of heart makes me very happy. After all, the wars in Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea and Iraq all started for the same reasons and ended in similar chaos, so it was about time people begun to realise that war isn’t the answer. There is one problem, however: the argument isn’t exactly that Western countries shouldn’t go to war… it’s just that Russia shouldn’t.

Obama spent 90 minutes on the phone with Putin to try and talk him out of sending an army to Ukraine. The news, as usual, is rather one-sided, only talking about the arguments Obama has and then adding that Putin didn’t obey, not really bothering…

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