Is there anyone out there worth voting for?

Politics today is too full of public school educated white middle aged men, all too busy looking after their own interests or the interests of their cronies. They are isolated and insulated from the views and needs of the great mass of the population. Government has become so London centric it’s as if the south east of England were a different country.

They ought to have started HS2 in Scotland, then it would have a chance to have been finished, as it is it was started in the south east and the further it gets past London the less importan it will be to the coterie in London and the greater the chance that some government minister is going to say “that’s far enough” and stop it in the name of cost savings. I doubt that it will ever reach Sheffield.

I am going to vote in this election but my vote will not make any difference to anyone, I live in a ‘Safe’ Labour constituency. Labour could put up a gibbon and it would get in with a handsome majority (in fact I think that is what they have been doing for the past few elections).

So. What options are available to the voters and are any of them actually worth voting for?


This used to be a party worth voting for. Unfortunately things have changed, the Labour party has become ‘NEW Labour’ and has betrayed its socialist principles. It is now quite difficult to detect any significant difference between New Labour and the Conservatives.

They ought to have renamed the party ‘Conservative Lite’.

During the last parliament when New Labour were in power they sycophantically fawned before wealth. They glorified the city bankers. They trusted on the banks and the hedge funds and the stock exchange to deliver a financial bonanza but they underestimated the greed of the city so instead of a bonanza they got the biggest financial crash in history.

Labour doesn’t do Conservatism very well.

Liberal Hypocrites Democrats

This also used to be a party worth voting for. But they showed their true colours when they decided to support a minority Conservative government and were so enamoured with the idea of being in power that they dumped their manifesto to become a Conservative adjunct. They were just a side show.

They should have stuck to their principles and reigned in the Conservative extremes, instead of just acting like a doormat.


UKIP is a very dangerous party. They are even more right wing and xenophobic than the Conservatives.

Don’t be fooled by Nigel Farage’s friendly demeanour some of the things he has said lead me to believe that if UKIP gained very much power it would be a bad thing for Britain. Like his views that the NHS should be replaced by an insurance backed health scheme, a view which he hastily retracted once he realised how toxic it would be to his campaign. Has he really changed his mind? or is he just saying what he thinks people want to hear in order to get elected?

In my experience people don’t change their views that radically unless they have a very good reason.

The main reason behind UKIP is the idea that Britain should leave the European Union. All those petty rules and regulations which are imposed on us by Brussels, all the money which we send to Europe. The sacrifice of British sovereignty which comes from having a second parliament in Europe. Wouldn’t we be better off without it?

No, I don’t think we would be better off. I think we would be much worse off.

All those petty rules and regulations would still exist within Europe even if we left, if a British company wanted to sell it’s goods within Europe they would still have to comply with those rules and regulations, the only difference would be that we would no longer have any influence over the rules and regulations. We would no longer have the free trade agreements which we currently have so exporting to Europe would be a lot more difficult.

To my mind UKIP is xenophobic to the point of racism.


The Conservatives were never a party worth voting for, at least not unless you were one of the privileged elite. Theirs is the party of people with power, status and wealth and of those who aspire to have power, status and wealth however unachievable those aspirations may be. I hope the country is not stupid enough to vote in another Conservative government. If you elect a Conservative government then you get government ‘of the rich, for the rich, by the rich’.

The Conservatives are currently in the process of destroying the NHS and dismantling the welfare state. The ideology of the Conservative party is to keep wealth and power in the hands of those who have wealth and power and to keep it out of the hands of those who don’t.

Sound-bite phrases like ‘we’re all in it together‘ are just meaningless public relations lies. David Cameron was not sincere when he said that, he has not suffered a day’s financial hardship in his entire life, he has no idea what it’s like to be poor. At least with Margeret Thatcher she said what she meant, David Cameron is a PR man, he doesn’t say what he means, he says what he wants you to hear.

The Tories have demonised the poor whilst praising ‘hard working families’ but in these times of the minimum wage being the ‘going rate’ for many employers the poor and ‘hard working families’ are often the same people. The Tories demonise benefit scroungers as a smoke screen for dismantling the welfare state.

When the CON-DEM coalition first got into power the Tories preached unity and adopted the catchphrase ‘one nation conservatism’. But the reality was that they have practised the politics of division. Social mobility has diminished greatly under this Conservative government.

Developers no longer have to set aside a portion of any new development for cheap affordable homes and so you get estates populated entirely with the same type of people, there is no more integration of people from different cultural, religious and social backgrounds. At the same time housing benefits have been capped, this has had the effect of confining poorer families to the cheapest most run down areas of a city.

The Conservatives are a truly regressive and divisive government, they do not deserve to be re-elected.

The Scottish Nationalist Party

The SNP aren’t putting up any candidates in England but they will have a considerable influence on British politics and I don’t think it will be a positive influence.

The SNP want independence for Scotland, I think that if Scotland did become independent it would be a very bad thing both for Scotland and for the rest of the United Kingdom. But the SNP will keep trying to repeat the referendum until they win independence for Scotland, and once the union is broken it can never be re-forged.

After the referendum Alex Salmond showed no respect for the Scottish voters who voted NO when he said that “they had got it wrong” and that they should “send them homeward to think again…“, but this was their choice and it was their democratic right to vote NO, he should respect that.

I do agree with Mr. Salmond on one point though. Successive governments in Westminster have become so focused on London and the South East of England that they virtually ignore the needs of the rest of the country, this needs to change.

The Green Party

I am going to vote Green in the forthcoming election. This is because they are the least bad of all the available options.

Some of the Green policies however are naïvely optimistic (like the Citizen’s Income Policy which is good and fair and very laudable but would also be very expensive to implement).  Some of the Greens economic policies would be very disruptive and very bad for big business and capitalism in general, this would be a good thing to do in the long term but in the short to medium term it would upset a lot of people, but it does need doing.  Capitalism would sell the long term future of humanity to make a short term profit.

A Green government would make for a much fairer society than with a Conservative government and if they were elected the practicalities of what is possible would soon limit their more unrealistic policies.

All things considered I think a Green government would be the best possible outcome from this election.

But I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.


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