Free Software

Useful Applications

There are many applications which are free to download on the Internet.   Some of these are good, some of them are not so good and some are atrocious.

This file contains a list of applications which I have tried out.   It contains everything from Musical Score editors to How to make symbolic links in NTFS.  Enjoy.

This list was updated on 8th March 2014.


2 thoughts on “Free Software

  1. Thank you for this.
    There’s an offshoot of of VUE that might be worth including – designVUE –
    If you are interested in visual representations of bibliographic information then VOSviewer is a nice program – You can also use it to make visual networks of word relationships.
    And for your Honourable mentions …. section – have you tried Qiqqa – – a really useful pdf annotator and research tool that’s free for certain kinds of use – enough for quite a large writing/note-taking project.

    • I was unaware of designVUE, it looks interesting like some parts of Compendium have been transplanted into VUE. I will certainly be having a look.

      My list of free software is can never be comprehensive. The things available are changing all the time and I have limited time to devote to this. It’s just a list of one or two programs which I have noticed and tried out or which my friends have recommended.

      I have tried out Qiqqa, it is very similar to Zotero and Mendeley, they follow a freemium business model. Offer a hobbled or advert infested version of the software for free, but if you pay a monthly fee you can have the version with the artificial restrictions removed or with the adverts removed, hmmm … I prefer real free/OSS solutions.

      There is another problem with the programs which promise to catalog and organise all your PDF files, they rely on the metadata associated with those PDF files to be accurate, there are many PDF files which have no metadata or where that metadata is inaccurate. I have no solution to this problem and I suspect that there is no solution other than to go through all the PDF files setting the metadata manually, which would be an enormous task.

      I have looked at VOSViewer, it looks very interesting but I’m not sure how it would be applicable to the things I do but I will bear it in mind.

      Thanks for telling me about designVUE I will give it a go.

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